2016 Annual Report

We are pleased to present our 2016 annual report, which details the highlights of the year and gives thanks for the generous donors who continue to make our work across the denomination possible.

Moving Forward as NEXT Church

NEXT Church plays an important role in the PC(USA) as we move into the future while holding onto the best of our Reformed tradition. Over seven years we have grown from a conversation to a movement that is known in the denomination for creating a new kind of connection. Here’s how.

2016-2017 Young Adult Volunteer

Meet our new Young Adult Volunteer: Sarah-Dianne Jones!

Connections and Transitions

This relational network feels like a fishnet where each of us is a knot, and we are connected to all the other knots through strings and knots. Alone, we may not be able to withstand much, but together we can hold a full haul of fish.

NEXT Church Denominational Listening Campaign Report

In fall 2015 – winter 2016, NEXT Church embarked on a denominational listening campaign. We invited and trained people who have been leaders within NEXT Church to host a listening session with church leaders around questions of “transformational mission.”

We Are Still Gathered

We can’t simply talk about change; we must do what we say we believe. Last year, NEXT Church leaned in to this truth. We walked beside leaders in a variety of contexts for the purpose of change.

New Light in 2016

By Jessica Tate, NEXT Church director As we transition fully into 2016, we wanted to take a minute to say thanks for the places of light in 2015.