Tuesday Lunch Conversation Options

Tuesday Optional Lunch Conversations

Interfaith Dialogue as Sermon  // Trianon A

Westminster Presbyterian Church (Minneapolis) pastor Tim Hart-Andersen has invited clergy from various religious traditions into the pulpit for conversation during Lenten sermons. What better way to learn from leaders of other faiths than to make it an act of worship?

Tim Hart-Andersen

Mid-Council Innovation to Empower Churches // Lido

Mid-councils come in a variety of shapes and forms, but the mission remains the same: to empower churches.  Let’s talk about new innovations in mid-council work!

Shannan Vance-Ocampo, Karen Chamis, LeAnn Hodges & Amaury Tañón-Santos

Breaking Down Walls: A Collaborative Approach to Climate Change // Trianon B

In the heightened climate crisis, come and join a conversation on what actions on environmental issues we Presbyterians can propose/collaborate on–across differences of opinion– as we seek to care for God’s good creation.

Abby Mohaupt, Deb Meinke & Rob Fohr

Outside of the Box Ministry Panel // Trianon C

What creative ministry options will fit in your space? Where can you collaborate with neighbors to expand your space for ministry? Panel includes three ministry contexts from across the US.

Katy Stenta, Deborah McEachran, Jenny Warner & Steven Koski

Waking Up White Book Discussion // Colonial Ballroom

Bring your thoughts after reading Waking Up White to a book discussion with co-moderators Denise Anderson and Jan Edmiston as part of their “One Book/One Church” project.

Denise Anderson and Jan Edmiston

Believe, Grieve, Commit: A Confession for this Moment // Trianon E

How many pastor-theologians does it take to write a statement of faith? A bunch. Come find out more about the process and the statement.

Brandon Frick, Layton Williams & Bertram Johnson

The Keys to Unlock Your Dynamic Youth Ministry // Trianon D

What is innovative in youth ministry that works? Engage in a conversation about context, ministry tools, examples, and structure to make your youth ministry exemplary!

Matt Vaughan

Raising Racial Awareness: Igniting a National Festival Movement // Kennedy

Come join in prophetic witness, sharing the Gospel across bridges of racial awareness, healing, and justice in a national festival movement with the organizers of the Washington, DC racial awareness festival.

Therese Taylor-Stinson & Glenn Zuber

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