2017 National Gathering Opening Worship

Alonzo Johnson preaches the opening worship service of the 2017 National Gathering.

Scripture: John 4:1-42

Alonzo Johnson is coordinator for the Self-Development of People Program (SDOP). SDOP is a branch of the PCUSA’s Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministry. He is also the convener of the Educate A Child, Transform the World initiative. Alonzo has 25 years of experience specializing in urban, youth, education, creative arts and social justice ministries. He served an urban congregation in Philadelphia, PA, and worked as a volunteer chaplain for 9 years at Luther Luckett Correctional Facility in LaGrange, KY. He has an MDiv from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and is currently a DMin student at the same institution.


2016 National Gathering Wednesday Morning Worship

The Wednesday morning worship service of the 2016 National Gathering was composed of three reflections on Exodus 14:10-31.

Liturgist: Betsy Lyles

Reflections: “Enslaved to the Past,” David Powers; “Delivering a Desperate Word,” Shelli Latham; “Standing in Awe,” Sarah Are

2016 National Gathering Opening Worship

Mark Douglas preaches at the first worship service of the 2016 National Gathering.

Liturgist: Billy Honor

Sermon: “Who’s Got Next?”

Mark Douglas is Professor of Christian Ethics at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA, where he teaches a wide variety of classes and directs the Masters of Divinity degree program.  His most recent book is  “Believing Aloud: Reflections on Being Religious in the Public Sphere” (Cascade, 2010).  He is currently working on a series of books exploring the impact of climate change on war and the roles that Christian traditions of pacifism, just war, and just peacemaking may play in addressing climate-shaped conflict.

2016 National Gathering Closing Worship: Denise Anderson

Denise Anderson preaches during Wednesday closing worship at the 2016 National Gathering.

Liturgists: Mehib Holmes and Janice James
Sermon: “Appointed and Unashamed”

Denise Anderson is the pastor of Unity Presbyterian Church in Temple Hills, Maryland. A nationally-recognized writer and blogger, Denise’s work has appeared in The Christian Century, The Huffington Post, These Days, and on her own blog, SOULa Scriptura: To Be Young, Gifted, and Reformed. Denise writes, preaches, and engages on issues of social justice, diversity, and reconciliation.

2016 National Gathering Tuesday Morning Sermon: Aisha Brooks-Lytle

Aisha Brooks-Lytle preaches during Tuesday morning worship at the 2016 National Gathering.

Liturgist: Katie Sundermeier
Sermon: “You’ve Got to Go Through It”

Aisha Brooks-Lytle (A.K.A “Pastor Eesh”) is Minister of Mission at Wayne Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. A native Philadelphian, she graduated from Central High School and holds a Bachelor of Science in Music from Temple University (’99). She obtained a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary (’05) and has served in several churches in the tri-state area through her music ministry and in her ministry of preaching, teaching, and pastoral care.

2015 National Gathering Worship: Joy Douglas Strome

Joy Douglas Strome preaches at the 2015 NEXT Church National Gathering in Chicago.

2015 National Gathering Worship: Brian Ellison

Brian Ellison preaches on Tuesday morning of the 2015 National Gathering in Chicago.

2015 National Gathering Worship: Tom Are

Tom Are preaches at closing worship of the 2015 National Gathering in Chicago.

2015 National Gathering Worship: Charlene Han Powell

Charlene Han Powell preaches at opening worship of the 2015 National Gathering in Chicago.

Sermons from the 2014 Gathering

Watch the wonderful sermons from the 2014 National Gathering in Minneapolis, MN.

Alika Galloway

Dan Vigilante

J. Herbert Nelson

And last but not least, MaryAnn McKibben Dana, preaching “an end worth remembering…”

MaryAnn McKibben Dana