2016 National Gathering Ignite: Danita Nelson

Danita Nelson of New Covenant Fellowship of Austin shares about their intentional, multi-national, multi-racial, intergenerational community.

2016 National Gathering Ignite: Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown of the Church of Scotland shares about her churches’ merger and their participation in a pilot program to help them navigate the future.

2016 National Gathering Ignite: Trinity Presbyterian & Herndon Elementary

Stephen Smith-Cobbs and Rebecca Messman of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Herndon, Virginia, share with us their partnership with nearby Herndon Elementary.

2016 National Gathering Ignite: Robert Hay Jr

Robert Hay Jr, ruling elder at First Presbyterian, Peachtree City, GA, and ministry relations officer with the Presbyterian Foundation, shares insights on stewardship.

2016 National Gathering Ignite: Gwen Brown & Tim Hughes

Gwen Brown, organizer with BUILD (Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development) and Tim Hughes, associate pastor at Brown Memorial Park Ave Presbyterian Church, share their collaboration in the Baltimore Youth Organizing Project.

2016 National Gathering Ignite: Farm Church

Ben Johnston-Krase and Allen Brimer, co-planters of Farm Church, share the story of how their new worshipping community came to be. Learn more about Farm Church on their website.

2016 National Gathering Ignite: Jeff Krehbiel and Don Meeks

Jeff Krehbiel and Don Meeks of National Capital Presbytery share about the “Can We Talk?” conversation they host during presbytery meetings to facilitate discussion among colleagues who may differ on various topics.

2016 National Gathering Ignite: Miriam Mauritzen

Miriam Mauritzen, associate pastor at First Presbyterian Kalispell, Montana, shares about Serious Ju Ju, a skateboard ministry the church has become involved with.

Learn more about Serious Ju Ju from their website.

2016 National Gathering Ignite: Michael Mair

Michael Mair, pastor in the Church of Scotland, shares his ideas on what makes sacred space at the 2016 National Gathering.

2016 National Gathering Ignite: George Anderson and Lori Raible

George Anderson and Lori Raible share their experiences with new pastor support at the 2016 National Gathering.