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NEXT Church is teaching elders, students, educators, church members, youth leaders and ruling elders who care about the flourishing of the church of Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant to our communities.


A Rule for Church Leaders

One day I had a realization that maybe I should tinker with my congregation’s session meetings. If the church is supposed to be a living, breathing, and vital place, then why should the meeting of her leaders be so boring, dry, and dusty?

Overcoming Immunity to Change

Most of us move through life with silent, subconscious beliefs about the world that are left unexamined and taken for truth. Drawn from our early experiences, these beliefs serve an important purpose: to keep us safe from re-experiencing fear, pain, trauma, and embarrassment by limiting and defining our behavior. But at a certain point, our Immunity to Change becomes a serious hindrance to our personal and collective growth and development.
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Building Community Across Divides: A Book List

We asked our contributing authors this month to tell us what they are reading or have read that has helped them in the work of building community across divides. Here’s what they said.